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Molly Weisman

Molly  Weisman
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      Molly Weisman has been connecting buyers and sellers in residential real estate for nearly 10
      years. Growing up in Chicago proper, Molly has always enjoyed exploring the food, culture,
      and architecture in each unique neighborhood. When her friends and family started looking to
      purchase their first homes, Molly would get the call to accompany and help- and finally made
      the jump out of working in Higher Education and into Real Estate!
      Education and understanding are the 2 core tenents Molly believes are most important when
      working with people looking to buy or sell a home. Oftentimes people are excited for their
      home search, but when it comes to the actual ‘home buying process’, they find it daunting.
      “The world is changing and people have access to ‘housing’ information at their fingertips. But
      what they do not have is an advocate and advisor, and that’s where I come in. By educating my
      clients and making sure they have a firm understanding from beginning through long after
      closing day, I am able to provide clarity and peace in what many find an otherwise stressful
      Molly recently joined The MacPherson Group to be the ‘Go To City Gal’. When you’re looking to
      make a move from the suburbs back into the city, or into the city for the first time, she’s the one
      to call. Whether you are looking for an urban pie de tier, downsizing, or perhaps just finished
      schooling and looking to purchase your first home in the city- Molly is ready to make all of your
      property dreams come true!
      Outside of real estate, Molly lives with her husband on the Near West Side of Chicago with their
      two cats, Guac and Moly. Molly is an avid chef and loves to cook for friends and family; just
      don’t ask her to bake, it never turns out well.

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